Lyceum at Silo City
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Lyceum at Silo City

Our mission is to expand the social, intellectual, and artistic curiosities of modern learners.



The Lyceum of ancient Greece was a temple in Athens that hosted the Peripatetic school of philosophy led by Aristotle.  Aristotle has often been called the ‘Father of Western Philosophy’.  His shared studies of natural history and philosophy are an inspiration for much of modern thinking and understanding of the world.

The Peripatetic school was so named because of Aristotle’s habit of walking the Lyceum while he taught.  Aristotle’s process centered on observation, collective study, and exploration. His teachings were multidisciplinary, covering subjects from natural science and astronomy to ethics and aesthetics.

 Our modern-day Lyceum at Silo City captures Aristotle’s ‘walking and teaching’ and participatory method with our boots in the soil immersion approach to training.  We hope to create exceptional experiences for those who love learning, collaborating, and discovering.


Silo CIty

Silo City sits on the south shore of the Buffalo River just 600 yards from Lake Erie, and is the grandest collection of concrete grain elevators in the world.  Today the massive structures that provided grain and flour for much of the world now stand as a legacy, connecting the water and the land to the sky.  

Reclaimed by wildlife and now engaged as a cultural space, Silo City has taken on a unique identity as a part of Buffalo’s work towards a more sustainable and dynamic city. 

Silo City has become a conduit of creativity for visiting artists, performers, and imaginative do-ers of all types.  This is driving our regeneration!